VIGORIZER solution for piglets

Hypertonic solution of great palatability, for piglets from the 2nd day of life. Stimulates its voluntary consumption, strengthening the digestive system and providing vigor and immunostimulation thanks to the effect of the algae included in its composition.

The product acts on the wall of the intestine increasing the absorption capacity of nutrients from the first day of use.

The piglet can ingest GreenTONICsolution while consuming milk or feed. The food will be better used, will increase its vitality and contribute to its adaptation to the first key intakes so that it starts at the time of weaning.

Contains of

Proteins and amino acids of high digestibility and nutritional value.

Algae bioactive compounds with immunity stimulating power.

Flavoring and aromatics stimulants of voluntary consumption.

Highly bioavailable nutrients wich favor growth.

Free organic acids and their salts which enhances the enzymatic activation