VIGORIZER solution for piglets

Hypertonic solution of great palatability, for piglets from the 2nd day of life. Stimulates its voluntary consumption, strengthening the digestive system and providing vigor and immunostimulation thanks to the effect of the algae included in its composition.

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Complement the nutritional profile of sow milk, ensure optimal piglet efficiency, increase its vitality and survival capacity, and maximize its gastrointestinal health during lactation.

Being a hypertonic solution, it is the most effective to replenish electrolytes and prevent the loss of nutrients typical of the dilatation of the tight junctions that are found between the enterocytes, and that are due to intestinal inflammation and the destruction of the mucosa resulting from the neophobia and anorexia produced during weaning.

Mechanism of action

Increases the weaning survival, the vigor of the piglet and the honesty of the weight. Raises voluntary consumption and boosts immunity. Increases the endogenous response thanks to the immunostimulatory properties of algae.

Survival increase .

Inmunity Boost.

Stimulate voluntary consumption

Highly bioavailable nutrients

More benefits

Improves homogeneity. There is a drastic increase in the weight of the litter, for having more piglets and better growth.

-28%diarrhea.Reduces the level of diarrhea up to 28%.

+9%weight gain.+9% weight gain.
up to 1500 gr. for pig.

+15%homogenity.Increase homogeneity
per litter up to 15%

Profits at 2, 45 y 70 ays