Supplied from the second day of life, it reduces mortality during weaning and make easier for piglets to express their vitality, increasing to one more pig per sow and year.

superviviencia+100%2nd day consumption.Improves voluntary consumption. Full consumption at 4 hours.

+34%survival.Increases the survival of the piglet up to 34%.
up to one more pig per sow and year

-35%diarrhea.Reduces the level of pre-weaning diarrhea up to 35%.

+3%litter weight increase.Weight gain up to + 3% kgr.

At the time of weaning, we face an immature digestive system and moment of stress derived from neophobia.

Supplied during weaning, we observe a reduction in the number of unadapted piglets and subsequently, higher growth and more weight when the entrance to the fattening unit

-33%diarrhea.Reduces the level of diarrhea up to 33%.

+7%weight gain.+17% weight gain.
up to 500 gr. for pig.

It improves homogeneity. There is a drastic increase in litter weight at 70 days, having more piglets with better growth..

-28%diarrhea.Reduces the level of
diarrhea up to 28%.

+9%weight gain.+9% weight gain.
up to 1500 gr. for pig.

+15%homogenity.Increase homogeneity
per litter up to 15%