Complement the nutritional profile of sow milk, ensure optimal piglet efficiency, increase its vitality and survival capacity, and maximize its gastrointestinal health during lactation

Being a hypertonic solution, it is the most effective to replenish electrolytes and prevent the loss of nutrients typical of the dilatation of the tight junctions that are found between the enterocytes, and that are due to intestinal inflammation and the destruction of the mucosa resulting from the neophobia and anorexia produced during weaning.

gráfico de acción de la solución GreenTONIC

Its flavoring and aromatics components stimulate early consumption during lactation and strengthen the lactation imprinting. Thus, its inclusion in the peri-weaning recalls the pleasant stimuli linked to the mother, reducing stress and stimulating early consumption of feed at weaning.

Bioactive algae compounds rich in polyphenols and antioxidants, reduce digestive mucosa inflammation and modulate the immune response against pathogens, which is crucial for the establishment of durable immunity in piglets,

The combination of free organic acids and their salts decreases the gastric pH, which maximize the activity of the proteolytic enzymes.

The composition in mineral salts and highly bioavailable amino acids allows the complete reestablishment of cellular functions, accelerates the proliferation of intestinal cells, stimulates the maturation of the digestive mucosa and maximizes piglet muscle growth.